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And so to Scotland

Just after 5am the Friday before last, we loaded ourselves and the cats into an already jam packed car and drove down the Autoroute du Mont Blanc for the last time in the foreseeable future. It was probably just as … Continue reading

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North Country dreams

Last weekend, two old friends came to stay; one from university, who I see often, and one from my time in upstate NY, who I hadn’t seen for years and years. He brought with him all his photos from that … Continue reading

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a precious, fleeting gift

All of sudden, there was snow. Last week, we were gazing at the bare pistes anxiously and checking the weather forecast religiously; one neighbour had promised snow by the end of November, while another said there would be none before … Continue reading

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the heart’s slow turning

At a certain point on the run home from Les Bossons on a winter afternoon, you cross from the realm of sunset to the realm of dusk. You leave behind the delicate pink glow of the Dome du Gouter and … Continue reading

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My brother

Earlier this month, my brother and his girlfriend came for a visit. It was Jacob’s first time skiing, and I think everyone would agree that he is a natural, going from this… to this… …in less than a fortnight. It … Continue reading

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on commence

It started with vin chaud. Almost exactly a year ago, on one of those perfect mountain days when the world is a dazzle of white mountains and blue skies, we finished an elated day of skiing with a stop at … Continue reading

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